Jammie’s pizzeria


I was craving for Jammie’s Pizza so, finally i visited yesterday. Interior was really good i really like it So, First i ordered Fresh lime soda it was good soo refreshing and i must say it was different from others u must order this drink and then i ordered from Appetisers – Fritto mistro, prawns and local fish all fried served with tartare sauce it was like pakore but tooo oily please avoid this not worth it. Then i order from Pizza’s i ordered basil Pollo chicken, tomato, basil, buffalo mozzarella cheese and olives it was too big but i am sorry to say its an average pizza or i can say below average no spices “Fikka Pizza” disappointed my total bill was 1181 Rs but it was authentic italian food my be not for me or any punjabi guy who like to have spicy food or tangy, after having all this still my tummy wanna eat more and more sorry but i will never come again specially for pizza



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