Lavaash by Saby

Lavaash by Saby  is a place with an intricate beauty elements located at Ambavatta One complex, Mehruali.
The interiors are full of lively colors with different elements covering differently with the different section of the restaurant.
Chef Sabyasachi Gorai has wonderfully revived the lesser known Armenian cuisine, which is native to his home town in West Bengal, which is clearly seen in his creations.
Since I was aware of the cuisine as I also belong to the same region but after experiencing it with Saby the whole attachment and love have gone double fold.


I tried LAMB KOOBIDEH (as I am Lamb lover) (Rs.500/+++) – Prepared in Persian recipe, the big juicy pieces of koobideh kebabs were appropriately minced with spices, served on their signature lavaash bread.



After this wonderful dish I wanted to have something in chicken and ordered SPICY CHICKEN IN GEORGIAN NUT SAUCE (Rs.600/+++) – The roasted succulent chicken pieces were dipped in a cashew based flavourful spicy gravy served in an earthen pot (traditional serving) with a combo of BUTTERED GOVINDBHOG (west bengals traditional fragrant rice) (Rs.150/+++) served with mustered paste on top n green chilli, Bengalis will always recommend rice with all the gravy item and which is meant to be an excellent combination.
Whatever I tried came out to be the yummiest of all and as we all know Saby is a master in his profession and he would never fail to impress you with his new form of presenting any cuisine.
Priced at Niche Audiences and looking at the surroundings it matches the stature, the food the ambience the staff the amazing terrace overlooking the dense greenery turned my day into an everlasting memory……
Lavaash By Saby

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