Shangri La – Sorrento


Copy Writer – Mannika Mitra
Exclusive lunch curated to pay tribute to “Parmigiano Reggiano” at an award winning restaurant Sorrento in Eros La Shangrila.

Sorrento is an elegant place; well-lit and gracefully organized to keep you hooked to the ambiance. We were made to sit with a pleasant smile and then explained the history was Parmesan cheese by none other than but the head-chefs Chef Luigi Ferraro and Executive Chef Neeraj Tyagi. The Parmesan cheese is known to-be ‘the king of cheeses’ was used in the special menu and each dish had a sophisticated flavor of these, aged for 12 to 36 months. The elaborate menu had an assorted salad which had fresh and crunchy vegetables, were paired with parmesan cheese to perfection. It went extremely well with a glass of red wine and was a perfect mood setter for the rest of the cheesy menu that awaited us.






The Ravioli carrying a soufle of 3 kinds of cheese with Parmesan being the centric of it was a cheesy affair specially made to tickle the palate and did all the wonders. It was so smooth and delectable that we just couldn’t stop ordering for more over and over again. The breads and bruschetta were now served and wine kept us all engaged in this cheesy conversation. Italian flavors such as Culatello from Zibello with aged parmesan cheese served with chili jam and mustard from Cremona city, Risotto from Sibari with stewed duck leg, breast confit, alba truffle pate and gelato of Parmesan stravecchio- 36 months to a homemade fettuccine with forest wild mushrooms with 12 months aged Parmesan cheese sauce.
The menu was intense in flavor and each dish stood out for its own tastes and how pleasantly we were surprised to know what wonders a good quality parmesan can do to your everyday Italian Cuisine. The menu further offered Sous vide and wood fired oven cooked free range chicken, spinach, 24 month aged Parmesan with sauce Saracena Moscato and Sfoglia of vegetables with 12 months aged Parmesan, toy box tomatoes and basil pesto. I was as impressed and taken by surprise to know about various Italian dishes which are far beyond our conventional pizzas and pastas and still be able to satiate an Italian cuisne lover.

But just as it is said ‘ending on a sweet note’, Sorrento took it seriously and who would imagine that desserts prepared using Parmesan Cheese could taste so beautiful that just one wont be enough for your sweet tooth. A 12 month aged Parmesan cheese cake and 24 month aged Parmesan gelato, wild forest fruits and spicy chocolate sauce or a Pizzo calabro tartufo with 24 month aged Parmesan gelato.

The lunch was a great experience not only for my taste buds but also because it took us back in the day when people in Italy must have savored their cheese and wine, and took food as a serious business.

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