Golu Spl. Butter Chicken


Its time to celebrate diwali with Golu Spl.Butter Chicken 😍. I know almost every punjabi love to eat butter chicken. So today i made this becouse i need some special reason to cook butter chicken and i think diwali is the best reason to cook this.

Chicken 750gram
2 Medium Onions
5-6 Tomato
Amul Cream
Amul Butter
Ginger Garlic Paste
Refined Oil
Red Chilli Powder
Coriender Powder
Chicken Masala (Opional)
Kasturi Methi
Mustard Oil
Chicken Marination:-

Take a bowl add chicken(Apply some cuts on chicken for good marination), 4tbs hung curd, red chilli powder 2tbs, 1tsp kasturi methi, salt to taste and 2tbs ginger garlic paste. Now mix it all well now add 3tbs mustard oil mix it all well and give it a rest for atleast 1hour.

Butter Chicken Gravy:-


1. Take a pan heat some oil add sliced onions and cook it on low flame untill its turn pink.


2. Now add chopped tomatoes 1tsp coriender powder, salt to taste, 2tbs red chilli powder and 1tbs chicken masala mix it all well cook it for next 10-12 min on low flame or untill tomatoes cooked well. Now switch off the gas and let it be cool down becouse we need to make a pure of this masala after few minutes transfer all tomato onion masala into mixer jar add a cup of water and 5-6 cashew nuts and make a fine pure.

3. Take pan heat 2tbs butter add 1tbs ginger garlic paste saute for a minute and then add a pure of tomato onions now cook it all well untill gravy cooked well and redcuced like a thick gravy or untill oil starts separate.


4. Now its time to prepare our tandoori chicken so grease ur microwave plate with butter or oil and place all chicken. before puting in microwave please pre-heat your microwave and then place ur plate in microwave for 20mins on 240degree. After 20minutes turn all chicken pcs and again cook it for 10mins then again turn it and apply some butter on chicken pcs and cook it for final round 10mins on 240degree.

5. Now its time to check your gravy when its reduced or oil separates add 2tbs butter and cook it for 5mins then add tandoori chicken , cream and some kasturi methi mix it all well cook it on low flame for 10mins. ( you can add water if you need more gravy or you dont want thick gravy i added 1cup of water ).


Its done yaayyy!!!! Garnish it with some butter and cream πŸ™‚

I hope you like it.

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