Wok To Walk Now In India

“We stir-fry your wok before your very eyes.And we do it your way, because you are the chef”.

This is what Wok to Walk believes in and they are so right in that.

Wok to Walk is actually a fast food takeaway restaurant chain from Netherland who are specialized in wok stir friend Asian Cuisines. They started their first restaurant in Amsterdam in 2004 and from their onwards the journey began and spread to Spain , United Kingdom, France , Germany, Portugal , United States and now first two Indian outlets in Delhi first in Connaught Place and 2nd is in defence colony and here is my our first hand early bird report of my customized first Wok .

After choosing the base of noodles with my all time favorite tofu , broccoli & a lil bit of Baby corn with Hot Asian sauce and I named this Wok as “DilSeWok” caz its the creation from my heart.

About the review and experience I must say its an Authentic cuisine though not indianized quite different than usual But very Quick in service and Good staff.They serve and present in such a Cool serving wok box.I find the food is light but filling at the same time.

Had a great time and enjoyed the whole concept. You should also go and try and do let me know your experience.


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