Things to taste in lucknow

By : Ridhima Gera

Lucknow, the city of Nawabs is famous for it’s iconic food! We went for a food walk to try some of the gems in Lucknow which are a must have for everyone visiting or living in the city!

Things To Taste In Lucknow

1. Sharma Ji Ki Chai
This is a place for all the Chai lovers in Lucknow! Beat Chai that you will ever try, located at Hazratganj, come here to have the best Chai, Samose and Makkhan Bun!
•Price for two: ₹50 (approximately)
•Address: 14 Maqbara Road, Hazratganj, Lucknow.
•Timing: 7AM- 7PM

2. Bajpayee Ki Puri
In the big city one of the most busy shops that I came across was this! Amazing Puri Sabsi and Kachauri that I have ever tried.
•Price for two: ₹50 (approximately)
•Address: Opposite Bank of India, NK Road, Hazratganj, Lucknow.
•Timing: 7AM-7:30PM

3. Tunday Kababi
Your trip to Lucknow is incomplete without visiting the legendary Tunday Kababi, the most soft and tender kababs that you will ever have! Melt in the mouth is the perfect phrase to use for them. A must visit for all those heading to Lucknow!
•Price for two: ₹300 (approximately)
•Address: Naaz Cinema Road, Aminabad, Lucknow.
•Timing: 12:30PM- 11:30PM

4. Dastarkhwan
Paradise for meat lovers! Amazing Galauti kebabs and biryaani what else does one need for a perfect meal! End it with Firni which had the right amount of sweet.
•Price for two: ₹400 (approximately)
•Address: U.P. Press Club, China Bazaar Gate Road, Hazratganj, Lucknow.
•Timing: 1PM- 10:30PM

5. Prakash Ki Kulfi
They do not serve a large variety of Kulfis though but just plain simple Kulfi Faaluda, which is enough for your soul to feel heavenly!
•Price for two: ₹150 (approximately)
•Address: 12 & 13 Fruit Lane, Aminabad Market, Aminabad, Lucknow.
•Timing: 9AM- 9PM

6. Idris Ki Biryani
If you really want to savour the taste of Biryani then this is the place for you! Biryani with a blast of flavours, it’s every bite is a bliss. A personal recommendation for all those planning to visit Lucknow.
•Price for two: ₹300 (approximately)
•Address: Opposite Patanala Police Station, Chowk, Lucknow.
•Timing: 12PM-3PM, 6PM- 8:15PM

7. Royal Cafe
If you are a chaat lover then this is a one stop shop for you! With a wide variety of chaat to offer it can easily satisfy your taste buds. A special shoutout to it’s Basket Chaat !!
•Price for two: ₹800 (approximately)
•Address: 51, Opposite Sahu Cinema, MG Marg, Hazratganj, Lucknow.
•Timing: 11AM- 11PM


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