Staycation At Parkinn By Radisson IP Extension

The sun warms up a spring morning while the nights try hard to emerge from those chilly winters bygone. Before I realize anything like this, comes the time for Holi. The spring & colorful festival, but this year I decided to celebrate this in some quietness and in the luxurious style so booked my stay for a staycation at Park inn by Radisson, ip extension, New Delhi. There’s nothing better than a staycation when you don’t want to splurge on air tickets or waste time commuting, and don’t want to be a part of all that noise and loud music during the holi, yet for unwinding in luxury for a day.

I had such a great time out there and so glad I chose this property to stay. The rooms were fully equipped and the staff was really polite and quick and the one of the amazing experience of my stay was that I got stay in their studio room which has Alexa technology. Let me explain in detail what I mean. Actually Alexa basically is an intelligent personal assistant which is the first in India in this property is capable of voice interaction, making to do list, playback music, providing weather traffic and news updates. This technology can also be control and access through your smartphone. It makes your stay even more fun. You can ask Alexa to play songs turn on or off the curtains, TV, lights. It also has one touch function which will save u from the whole process of ordering any service.

Apart from such an amazing and hi-tech rooms, they have 2 amazing restaurants one is sky wok which is a Chinese restaurant serves authentic Chinese dishes and this is a roof top restaurant.I was impressed by the service as the staff is very friendly and the ambience of this place is very eye catching. From vast choices of the menu I had started the meal with Wonton Soup chicken, followed by Meat Fried rice & Wok toseed chicken in hunan style.The best part about this place is they have made food according to the indian taste and not the authentic chinese food, which I liked it to be honest. In Desserts not to miss their Fried ice cream & Darsaan.

The second restaurant is RBG, which is one of the most lavish restaurant. The menu is huge and you get almost everything there. The staff is super friendly and really helpful. In the evening I tried their club sandwich and fish & chips. For dinner I ordered chicken and mutton chef special in my room. The taste, presentation the quality & quantity everything finds so perfect in order. This place is again to visit, for the quality of food they offer at such a nice price tag.

Before checkout had my bed breakfast. Masala omelet and masala chai, my all time favorite.Once again so fresh and neat and clean & quick service. I am happy had excellent breakfast before stepping out.

Overall wonderful experience with Park Inn by Radisson, this place made my staycation so good & experience was too awesome because of their inviting atmosphere as the staffs and management team were very approachable and friendly, excellent food quality. I do recommend this hotel for business people and also families. Value for money hence go for it, Sincere thanks to the entire team & Special thanks to hotel staff once again.


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