The Black Burger at Barcelos, Khan Market and a lot more..

Black BurgerThe Black Burger at Barcelos, Khan Market and a lot more..

The pleasant experience started at the sight of the much spoken of BLACK BURGER!! For all those who couldn’t make it today, I’d suggest you guys to try it out once! Our smiles widened when next came the ‘not so heard of BLACK BURGER!! And then off course some French Fries with dips and drinks.
That wasn’t all! Since there were more girls than boys, there was some time spent shopping as well.

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Not that shopping was too tiring, but all of us felt a need to eat again! LOL! So we all decided to check out Soda Bottle Opener wala! After a few minutes of waiting, we all sat down at table 7. We started with a ‘BEER TOWER of 2 ltrs’ followed by Irish coffee, Irani Faluda and Raspberry Falooda. We have a huge appetite, isn’t it 😉
To go on, we then ordered Spicy Mushroom on Khari, Chicken Baida Roti, Vegetable Berry Pulao, and Chicken Berry Pulao. Sure to go again to have their Pulao 
Oops, forgot about the desserts! Apple pie with custard and Toblerone mousse. Wow!
More than the food, we enjoyed each other’s company! Sach mein we all laughed out loud! Mazaa hi aa gaya!


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