Channa Masala





250-300Gram White Chole (Soaked Over a night in 1tbsp Chai Patti Or Sukhe Awle 5-7)
100gram Paneer
1 Tomato (Chopped)
1tsp. Garam masala
2tsp. Channa Masala
1tsp. Amchur powder
1tsp. Dhaniya powder
Salt to taste
1tsp. Black salt
1tsp. Kassuri methi
1 lemon juice
Hara dhaniya
3tbs. Desi ghee

1. Take a pan or kadai add boiled chole,  and add all the spices – dhaniya powder, lal mirch, black salt, salt, crush kassuri methi, channa masala, amchur powder and garam masala.


2. Now take tadka pan heat some desi ghee very well and put it all on chole.

3. Now mix all well and add paneer cubes cook it on low flame for atleast 10mins.

4. Then add lemon juice and mix all well check spices if anything required add it and add finely chopped tomato and cook it on low flame another 10mins.

5. Now add hara dhaniya, and grate some paneer for garnishing add gree chillies and a slice of lemon.

Serve hot with puri, bhature or laccha paratha.

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  1. Neeraj Bharara says:


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  2. smita pradhan says:

    Too easy &simple.


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