Crispy Honey Chilli Paneer

image image image This is my first try. Ingredients:-

300-400gram Paneer(Cut in Cubes)

1. Spring Onion

1. Red Capsicum

1. Green Capsicum

1tsp. Vinegar

1tsp. Green Chilli Sauce

2tbsp. Tomato Sauce

1tsp. Red Chilli Paste

1tsp Ginger Garlic Paste

1tbsp. Honey

1/2tsp. Red food colour(Optional)

1/2cup. Maida

1tbsp. Corn flour

Litle bit water

1tsp. Red chilli powder

Salt to taste

Oil for deep fry

1/2 white til


1. First we have to make batter take a bowl add maida , corn flour, salt , red chilli powder and food colour mix all well add litle water to make thick batter.

2. Marinate paneer in batter and deep fry them till golden crisp and keep aside. image

3. Now take pan heat some oil add all the veges- onions, capsicums and saute them untill they cook well add salt and ginger garlic paste and keep cooking on low flame. image

4. Now add vinegar, green chilli sauce, tomato sauce and chilli paste saute all very well cook it on low flame for 5mins then switch off the gas.

5. Add Fried paneer and honey mix it all well garnish it with til and spring onion and serve hot. image


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