Cheese Mutton Biryani Burger




Mutton Biryani
1kg Mutton
4. Medium Onions (Chopped)
1Cup Curd
2. Moti Elaichi
3-4. Choti Elaihi
2. Long
Pinch of Dalchini powder
2-3. Tbs Mutton Masala
Salt to taste
1tsp. Red chilli powder
1tsp. Haldi , 2tsp. Ginger Garlic paste
1tsp. Dhaniya powder
3tbs. Mustad oil Or Ghee
250Grams Biryani Rice (Half boiled)
1pack Kesar ( Soaked In 2tsp of milk )

1. First we have to wash mutton very well and drain all water.

2. Take a kadai add mustad oil or ghee add long, dalchini, moti elaichi and choti elaichi cook it for 2mins and add chopped onions.

3. Cook it untill onions turn light golden brown then add mutton and mix it all well.

4. Add litle bit salt and cook it untill mutton cooked 60% then add haldi and mix it all well cover it and cook it for 10mins.

5. Now add ginger garlic paste, red chilli powder, dhaniya powder, mutton masala mix it all well and again cover it and cook it for 10-15mins.

6. Now add curd mix it all well and cover it for 20mins on low flame cook it untill mutton cooked 100%.


7. Now take a pan first add 50% mutton then cover it with 50% of Rice.

8. Again Add 50% Mutton and cover it with rest of the rice.


9. Sprinkle some Garam masala, add hara dhaniya, kaju or Fried Onions (Option) And Last Kesar

10. Cover it give it a Dum Cooking On Low Flame For 15mins so that ur rices will cooked fully thats it

Next Day Breakfast with some left over Mutton Biryani turns into Cheese Mutton Biryani Burger

Cheese Mutton Biryani Burger
Ingredients :-
1 Burger
Tomato Sauce
Mutton buryani ( Separated Bones From Mutton )
1 Slice Of Cheese
Oregano Masala (Optional )

Method :-


1. Take a slice of burger apply some biryani rice.

2. Spread some tomato sauce


3. Add cheese slice then Mutton (Boneless)


4. Add More Rice

5. Add Some Oregano and Cover it With uper Slice of Burger


6. Microwave it for 3Mins On High Thats It


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