Foodies Meetup At Chi Asian Cook House


Dil Se Foodie first ever meet up!!!!

At “Chi Asian Cookhouse”

By Sarita Nakra

When you arrange a get-together, there is a possibility that things might go wrong, especially with the arrangements. You have constant thoughts in your mind that people might not be happy with the place or they might not like the food or the ambience or what if they won’t gel up well? But nothing as such happened. The place we chose, proved itself very well and the people we met were amazing. In the success of the first meet up of “Dil Se Foodie”, Chi Asian Cookhouse played its role very well and did justice to our expectations. The ambience they created, the food and the drinks they served, and especially the hospitality they offered, was indeed magnificent. Situated at quaint corner of Janpath, it was easily reachable too.


Our page is not just about food, it is also a platform for people to come and meet and interact. Time has changed and people live to eat these days, but who wants to eat alone, when you can have great human beings somewhere in the universe to accompany you? And that is why, Dil Se Foodie arranged a meet up for people who share their lovely recipes, ideas and enthusiastically participate in every event we organize on the page itself. This is something we can do for them as well as for ourselves, because that deepens the bond. And that’s what I saw there. Yes, they met for the first time, but it didn’t seem so. They were really connected is what we observed and that satiated our soul.


It was a great experience indeed, and the team and the people, are looking forward for more such meet ups in the future and so Dil se Foodie is going to make it happen! We rock..!

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