Today, I received a package from MOOZ, a producer of fine quality cheese goods, and was positively surprised with the its size.

I started opening the cheese slices first ( easier to eat! :P)

They were absolutely delicious! The toasty cheese was well smoked while the Garlic and Chilli, and Chilli cheese slices were hot and creamy at the same time!

I later tried them in sandwiches, and they enhanced the flavor of my normal sandwich tenfold!


Moving on to their buttery products, their unsalted one is a God sent – perfect for baking desserts!

Their herb and garlic butter is much better than the other brands I’ve tried. With a rich intense flavor, it tasted perfect for my quick fix garlic bread!

The sour creams taste amazing with chips, and as it is! I loved the jalapeño flavor and it went perfectly with my favorite nachos.


Their mozzarella cheese is soo tasty and stringy that I just had to bake a pizza to eat it all up!

Their cream cheese and mascarpone was rich, delicious and fun to eat just plain too!

I can’t wait to try their cream cheese as a frosting!

The products delivered to me by MOOZ were of a fine quality, and had an amazing creamy taste.

Now, I can say, for sure, that the only cheese I buy, will be from MOOZ!

Content Writer – Akshita Nanda

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