Chatterhouse – Khan Market

Located in one of the finest and Posh area of Delhi with quirky interiors lovely ambience, ample sitting arrangement, open bar and with the music which takes you back in the 80’s, this is what the Chatter house is in Khan market of Delhi with at floors 1st floor which is totally covered and the terrace which semi open rooftop and makes it the place to go and have a perfect meal with your besties, and that is what I did .

From the Menu which I came across were few of the below mentioned

* Dal Makhni shots with blue cheese naan, a must try this dish caz of quite innovative and caz of presentation and most important taste.

* Meatballs in a tomato gravy, fresh and served with the perfect portion.

* Garden in a Bowl : as the name so it is in reality , healthy and light meal , basically a perfect way to begin the meal.

* Dahi Ke Kebab: So so Soft and such a yummy in taste , highly recommended dish.

* Chicken tikka burger which was served with fresh salad and Fries on the side.Delicious in taste,caz the bun was soft and very fresh.

* Mediterranean styled prawns ,Quite ok though I am not a prawn lover , but still find it quite better.

* Chocolate Shake and Mango Smoothie both were nicely made refreshing and were good.

* Chicken Pizza: Thin crust and Cheesy Perfectly baked with nice stuffs tastes good.

* Mac and Cheese: Cheesy and yummy all I can and need to say.

* Mini Burgers, small golu nicely good stuffed and so it in taste well.

* Brownie and Ice Cream in Desserts,Brownie dipped in chocolate was the perfect way to complete the meal and caz it was served hot, so it makes it more better and perfect.

All in All to conclude a perfect nice place to go caz of their food quality the portion of food they serve and ambiance and the hospitality they offer.
Looking forward to visit them again with more of friends and family members.

Food Pictures : –









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