Bollywood At Hyatt Place

On a lazy Sunday, I decided to try the Bollywood Buffet spread at Gallery Cafe, in the newest Hyatt in town.

A beautiful property located in Sector 18, Gurgaon, is airy and has an ample amount of natural lighting.

The Gallery cafe itself has a huge size, with an attached private dining. The minimalistic design helps the management to curate different menus according to the latest season and trend, and decorate accordingly.

A movie ticket to start, and movie posters, dish names based on movies and movie reels to enhance our experience!

The host, Prashant Sharma, took his time to help us understand the concept of Hyatt place and the idea behind it.

The economic version of Hyatt with all rooms equal seemed like a great and fresh innovation.

The buffet that I had, was moderately priced at Rs. 1350 + taxes. Even though the pricing is different, the quality and standards of the Hyatt brand are maintained.

Chef Gaurav who formerly worked in Hyatt Regency is the head chef here, and also the head behind the creatively themed menu.

Chef Dharmendra, who has also been a part of the Hyatt family, is famous for his Dum Pukht Biryani and Bengan ka Bharta, and has customers from all over the world coming back and asking for more.

Finally, starting with the food, I enjoyed the salads, which interestingly included Khaandvi and Dhokla!

JACKIE C-HEN and SHAMMI KEBAB were my favorite starters. Since the Chefs maintain the Hyatt standard, it was almost impossible to find fault in any of the dishes.


For desserts, we had GULAABO ZARA JAMUN KHILA DO, KALIA MUD CAKE and SHAHEN SAHI TUKDA! The Shahi tukda was one of the best I’ve ever had. The caramalization on the Gulab Jamun and the intense chocolate flavor of the mud cake won my heart.

All the food that we had was beyond comparison. The names added to our experience, by making us reminisce the 90s and laugh about movie plots.

The music they played was also in accordance with the theme, and the funky Bollywood music had us all singing in tune, and enjoying one of the happier meals we’ve had.

I would definitely recommend visiting Hyatt place, if not for a stay, then just for experiencing the Gallery Cafe, and the various themes they have over time.

Pictures :-


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