Arjun Pav Bhaji Wala

Copy Writer – Mannika Mitra
Delhi has an expanding food scene, and with various cultures being given apt exposure, the street food scene in the capital is only expanding. The other day, when I was as hungry as I could be in the evening I headed to Model Town to give Arjun Pav Bhaji a try. The little khupcha if I may use this word, was blossoming with flavors. The menu is simple bambaiya street food, made to match the Delhi palate.
What to expect?
The menu offers Paav Bhaji, a mix of various vegetables mashed together in tons of masala, tomato gravy and needless to say loads of butter;) This has already been well accepted by us, the Delhiites and we kinda quite like it now a days. You can other than Pav Bhaji gorge into Tawa Pulav, which is nothing but vegetables mixed into rice with whole and other spices on Tawa and a perfect solution to curb those untimely hunger pangs. The good old Vada Paav is also available on the menu but what will catch your attention would be Bumbai Masala, where in they mix Pav bhaji kinda masala into paav or the buns. The pricing is decent with Pav Bhaji priced at Rs. 90 and 20 bucks extra for another Pav, Tawa masala is satisfactorily priced too with Rs 90 for full and Rs 60 for half. But i recommend you shred your pocket a bit and don’t miss the Bambai Masala, its definitely a different blast of flavors you wouldn’t really find anywhere around.
How is it?
The Pav Bhaji tastes the best and is at par with its peers Jhakas Pav Bhaji and others in the city. The Tawa pulav tastes perfect and it has the right crunch of vegetables, the Vada Pav on the other hand wasn’t the best though I can’t rule it out completely. Don’t forget to try Bambai Masala because it is super awesome and has distinguished flavors. Keep trying and alter all this according to your taste buds.
Overall Experience?
It’s a really good place to hangout with friends especially when you are on budget and taste is your utmost priority and not hygiene. You need to come here once and I promise you will become a regular here 🙂
How to Reach?
D-2, Model Town 3, New Delhi. You can easily find this location on GPS.
Ring him up on: 

+91 9868068779

+91 9212974917

or simply leave us your query and we will revert at the earliest 🙂

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