Good To Go


Believe me or not times have really changed, and I’m glad they have changed for good.  I remember going to meat shops to get meat and Fish only to keep us wondering if they are fresh or not. In fact hygiene use to be a bigger issue. I once remember going to a meat shop nearby which almost turned me into a vegetarian because with the looks of the place it looked cruel and made me feel like a culprit. The foodie I am obviously didn’t let me turn vegetarian but I certainly wanted to look out for places served hygienic raw meat which is is fresh at the same time.

With changing times as I mentioned,  I got to try a few options and recently ordered some stuff from Good to go, they have outlets all over Delhi and the service is pretty decent. I got raw chicken, Mutton and Fish to cook. Let me start by telling you that the packaging genuinely bowled me over, it was impressive and didn’t smell of meat till I actually made an effort to open it.



The products were pretty fresh and could be stored for sometime,which is always a plus. Washing the meat too wasn’t a hassle as it was already clean and neatly cut. I must recommend you all to try this one at least once and I promise it would be a super experience for you all too.

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