Tourist Janpath

Content Writer – Devika Bhatia

The way we visit different countries, come back home and talk to our folks about the experience, this newly opened restaurant ‘Tourist‘ will definitely create the similar scenario: You Visit, You Explore , You Indulge , You Share, You Relish.

Tourist is based right on the concept of traveling and exploring the world through cuisines. Dinesh Arora ( of Lights camera action, unplugged courtyard, elf bar, the common room, cafe fame, haddipa and Drama Upsidedown Bar) , Swaraj singhvi and Akshay Nayyar (Celebrity chef ) have together created a masterpiece with the way Tourist offers the ambience, hospitality and obviously the food. 

Tourist, spread lavishly over 3 floors, has a wonderful tourist  theme at the ground floor, cafe cum bar with fine dining at the next floor and it’s said to have the biggest rooftop in  cannaught place with a black and white theme. 

The interior is class apart. Loved the Amphitheater Library which adds so much depth to the theme and the bunk beds are cool to be put. 

And definitely one aspect that gets everybody in sync is the ” good food ” 

Focusing on the food, how mesmerising it would for you just visualise yourself once biting the nagamese egg shoap from Nagaland and Tacos while looking upto your national flag situated in the central park of cannaught place. 
The feeling is overwhelming. 

I truly feel tourist is going to give Janpath a new identification all together with it’s growing fame. It’s definitely a must visit and I can’t wait to visit it again with my family and friends.

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