Guru Chela 

Content Writer – Ridhima Gera

Guru Chela; as the name suggests Guru represents the seniors of a family and Chela represents the young ones, this place has come up with a theme where the seniors who mostly demand for desi food like chole bhature and daal roti and the young ones who are always keen to try new things and junk food like noodles and pizza, in this fight of whether to go for desi khaana or to go for junk food, our mothers always get trapped between the choice this restaurant has brought a solution to all the family dinners and lunches and outings to go for a common place to eat at. They have also taken care of our mother’s favorite chaat pakodi as you get the best gol gappe, dahi bhalle, tikki etc,  all this under one roof.

The way of presentation was pretty unique, the restaurant’s ambience, menu and décor go very well with the name. The place has a complete dilli vaali feel as it is colorful and lively, and there is also a good outdoor sitting which enhances the ambience.
The menu is designed with twisted desi names given to even the mainstream drinks and dishes; the one that got my eye was kuwari- mojito (virgin mojito with a twisted name).

Must try at the place are:
Samosa chaat
Tikki chaat
Dahi bhalle
Chole Bhature
Dry Manchurian 
Spring rolls

Kept in mind the authenticity of the street food but a little more hygienic and of better quality yet reasonably priced!
The Oreo shake gets special thumbs up for being as good as any high end place. 

It is a must try for all those looking for good ambience, tender taste, unique presentation and most importantly the entire family’s choice of food under one roof. 

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