Ray Cooking Spray

RAY COOKING SPRAY A healthy cooking catalyst  that promises taste and fitness
Mumbai, India, 24th November 2016 – Nagpur based, LB Industries Pvt Ltd announces the launch of “Ray” cooking spray which marks the group’s foray into the FMCG industry.

 Rapidly expanding waistlines are an unfortunate ill effect of modern life. Moreover, traditional Indian cuisine is usually made with a copious amount of oil & ghee which is one of the main embodiments of an unhealthy diet. Indian consumers are at par with their global counterparts in this daily struggle to restrain calorie intake to achieve their lifestyle and fitness goals.  Internationally, cooking sprays are commonly used and now their awareness and uses are gaining ground in India as well.

Ray cooking spray with its unique dispensing mechanism, enables consumers to use the optimum amount of oil in their cooking. This results in reduced consumption of oil/ghee by approximately 80% as tested and certified by laboratories. Each can offers around 700 -750 sprays which can cook the same quantity of food that traditional cooking requires 3 litres of oil. Despite the reduced usage, there is no compromise over the taste of the food. One of the common myths of traditional Indian cooking is that usage of more oil results in tastier food. However Ray cooking spray diffuses this myth and promises that the taste remains intact. So one can really relish food with gusto and not worry about sacrificing flavour for the sake of a healthy diet.

The Dispense mechanism allows the spray to spread on the pan for cooking giving it complete coverage which is apt for cooking and reducing oil or ghee intake. This not only reduces the usage of oil/ghee but at the same time the taste in unchanged.

It also makes for quick greasing of a baking pan so muffins, cupcakes or cookies slide right out. While a pat of butter or tablespoon of oil does the same job, these add more fat and calories than is necessary. Moreover, the convenience of being able to use oil or ghee in spray form only adds to its appeal as issues of storage and spillage are managed better. Ray cooking spray is available in 4 variants viz Groundnut, Sunflower, Olive and Ghee

Ray cooking spray is currently available in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Nagpur, Hyderabad and Delhi. Plans to expand to markets in Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Chandigarh are in the pipeline. Consumers can opt to buy the product online or from the nearest retailer.

LB Group traces its origin to the year 1955 under Parent Company Laxmidas Brothers. The group’s businesses include Plywood trading, Edible oil trading, Agro Commodity trading, Timber trading and Hospitality, all expansions under LB Industries Pvt Ltd. It has marked its foray into the FMCG space with the launch of “Ray” cooking spray”.

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