Hyderabadi Food At Elan, The Lodhi Hotel 

Copy Writer – Devika Bhatia

Today I went to Elan, a restaurant in The Lodhi Hotel and had the satisfaction of having a good Hyderabadi cuisine. 
Elan is very appealing because of it’s indoor and outdoor seating and truly is a combination of great place.

I started with Jaam-E-Gulgul, a cocktail made of cumin, jal jeera and whisky which is completely different from the usual.

I really liked the starters there- Murg Seekh FalakNuma, Gosht Barkasi Seekh and Macchi Zaitoon Sarson and they tasted really good. In main course I had Gosht Haleem, Hyderabadi Nihari Gosht and Dum Murg , Paneer Tamatar ka kut and Mirch Baigan ka Salan along Gilafi Kulcha. Hyderbadi cuisine is hugely liked because of its spices and flavours, so was justified cent percent by the food I had. After the main course I was excited for the dessert because it’s my favourite part of the meal. I had Gil-E-Firadus which was prepared by Pumpkin and Khubani ka Meetha . I must say the richness of Hyderabadi Culture superbly reflected by the food. The service and the ambience added to the experience. 

Now, Hyderabadi cuisine is something I would want to try more.


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