Grills On Fire At The Ancient Barbeque

Copy Writer – Devika Bhatia 
Gurgaon is all set to rock with an exclusive barbeque restaurant named ‘The Ancient Bar be Que’ where the menu is specially curated by chef Ashish Massey (Director, TAB), Rohini T. Chawla ( Masterchef top 12), Sadaf Hussain (Masterchef top 10) and Majid Khan (famous for biryani)

This acutely designed menu includes 26 starters- 13 veg and 13 non-veg. Absolutely amazing place that sets the taste buds on fire. Totally worth it especially when the best food comes from the best chefs.

Grills On Fire Festival Is On From 3rd Feb To 12th Feb
Timings And Price
Monday to Saturday lunch (Veg) Rs. 625 AI
Monday to Saturday lunch (Non Veg) Rs. 685 AI
Monday to Sunday Dinner (Veg) Rs. 923 AI
Monday to Sunday Dinner (Non Veg) Rs. 1021 AI


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