Another Flopped Food Fest

Writer – Devika Bhatia

The Bites and Beer Fest, sounds interesting from the name but not to many. Hence, there was hardly any public seen buying the tickets in this scorching heat and attending the fest. Moreover, the venue – Pacific Mall wasn’t really the best venue for it because people who wished to spend 150 bucks over an entry for Bites and Beer Fest to just see 25 – 30 stalls found it not worthy and instead opted to go to the mall, free of entry, sit in Ac and have food there. After conversing with a couple of people there.

We got to know that those who spent around 25k per stall (Rent) but there sales was maximum 5 – 7k . How badly mismanaged the Fest would be to bear such huge losses. Apart from live band performance, we had absolutely no reason to get into it. Scheduled for 12:00 noon, the fest started only at 3.30 pm making it more difficult for all of us to be there in this weather. 

Moreover, the promises made weren’t fulfilled. I wish Delhi sees better managed fests in the coming days. We feel disappointed because it was totally not worth it.

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