Things To Taste In Old Delhi

Copy Writer- Ridhima Gera

1. Lotan Ke Chole Kulche– A place serving world’s most amazing chole since 1920 for 3 generations now in a narrow, tiny lane of Chandni chowk every morning without a fail. It is a personal recommendation to all those reading this, each bite will satisfy every taste bud of yours. Here, chole are scooped out of a copper vessel topped with aloo, a secret masala which makes it super spicy, aamchur chutney, a sprinkle of garam masaala and lastly the signature coriander and ginger garnish, served with a plate of kulcha. It is the most soulful breakfast you can imagine.

Price- ₹30/plate
Timing- 7:30AM- 10:30AM

2. Shyam Sweets– it is a very crowded place in the morning, you’ll find a lot of tourists visiting it along with a lot of localites. It is one of the favourite breakfast spots in old Delhi. We tried the Nagori Halwa and Bedmi Puri Aloo, aloo ki sabzi has a thick and spicy gravy served with piping hot bedmi puri and the taste is balanced by the amazing halwa. It is a must try for everyone for the most iconic tastes of Old Delhi.
PriceNagori Halwa: ₹50
Bedmi Aloo Puri: ₹40
Timing- 8AM-10PM

3. Shabrati Nihari Wale– One of the oldest places serving the best Nihari in Delhi, not only one but three kinds of Nihari which are nalli nihari, beef nihari and mutton nihari. It is famous for its Nihari and khamiri roti breakfast and usually very crowded so it’s better that you reach there on time and pamper your taste buds with this blast of flavours!
Price- ₹200 for two (approximately)
Timing- 6AM-10AM

4. Hira Lal Chat Corner– We went there to have the oh so famous kulhe ki chaat, it is basically fruits, tomatoes, potatoes and cucumbers cut in like small bowls and filled with lemon juice, pomegranate and chickpeas and some secret masala sprinkled over the whole. Mouth watering, delicious and unique in its own way. We bet you won’t get this anywhere else!
Price- ₹100
Timing- 11AM-9PM

5. Jain Coffee House– it is an old school shop located in Chawri Bazaar serving the old school coffee and sandwiches. But their must try sandwich is fruit sandwich, either mixed fruit or sandwich of your choice of fruit you get it all here! This sandwich is perfect for summers in breakfast as it is light, refreshing and very tasty.
Price- ₹50
Timing- 10AM-9PM

6. Pyaar Mohabbat Sharbat– A very famous drink sold outside 1149, Matia Mahal, near Jama Masjid. Beat the heat with this mouth watering unique and very cheap sharbat. It is refreshing and cool best for those drenched and looking for something rejuvenating in Old Delhi. This is basically flavoured milk with watermelon chunks in it, creating a pretty pink hue.

Price- ₹10 (Per Glass)

7. Al Jawahar– One of the best places in this area after Karim’s, if you are in search of a little newer taste then this is where to head, if you want to taste the history this is the right place! So we tried Mutton Korma with Khamiri Roti and it was delicious, korma was perfectly cooked and khamiri soft, fluffy and nice. It will be a very filling and heavy breakfast.

Mutton Korma: ₹170 (Half)

8. Cool Point– Any visit to the Jama Masjid area is incomplete without visiting this place, from a small counter to a chain of shops this olace has seen its own growth. The Shahi tukda served here is the best you will have anywhere in Delhi. We also had their ice creams which were yum and refreshing and very flavourful! A must visit when you are in the Matia mahal area.

Price- ₹30 for Shahi tukda
₹30 any plate of ice cream
Time- 10AM-11PM

9. Kuremal Mohan Lal Kulfi Wale- In this hot, hot summer kuremal Mohan Lal Kulfi Wale a 100 year legacy is here to out rescue with relish flavours of season fruits, must try here are the Jamun, Paan, Imly, Mango, Falsa and Kala Khatta and haldi

Price- ₹60 each for kulfi , Price- ₹200 for stuffed ice cream.

Time- ₹9AM-10:30PM


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