131 Variety of Dosa

The one who has passion for cooking has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving caz for him Plans are nothing; planning is everything. I think this suits the best to Mr. Anurag Chaudhary the owner, founder of M Dosa Express. The one who serves 131 Variety of Dosa in Delhi. Before sharing my experience of food tasting out here I just wants to tell you the hidden amazing story of the owner. Mr. Anurag the owner was previously used to work in IT field for HP. But his passion for food brought him all the way from an IT field to restaurant Owner.He left his job around 5 years ago and went to Mumbai in search of learning a good food. Where he ended up in a road side stall to learn the skills of making good quality and tasty food. The journey of learning and taking experience was not so easy it includes sleeping on the street or road side, washing dishes and many more tough challenges. But after taking experience and learning the art of making a good quality food specially DOSA a south Indian dish , He opened his own outlet in Delhi. The passion for doing something different ended up in serving 131 different variety of DOSA which is unique in North india and may be for whole India. My personal experience of after trying there Goolmal Dosa.

Chilly Paneer Dosa and Spl Spring roll Dosa.

Trust me and visit this place and try the different different varieties of DOSA. My target is to taste each one within this year. Feel free to join me soon.
Address – 5667, Gali 78, Raigurpura Karol Bagh Delhi. 

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