Computerized Chole Kulche

And this was the funniest chole kulche i had. The guy suresh selling this from last 38years opps. BSES building Guru Angad Nagar near nirman vihar metro station.
Why Funny ??? 
He called Green Chillies – Capsule 
And this chole was computerized šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚.
Lemon Slice Called – Liquid 

And the best one is people order here by numbers like 0 number one plate , 90 number 2plates and 120 number one plate. 

So he calculate the spices by these numbers 

0 Number Means – No Spices 
90 Number Means – Medium Spices 
120 Number Means – Spicy 

The taste was really good i think you should visit here once.
Share This With Your Friends Who Would Love To Have Computerized Chole Kulche.

Cost : 25Rs.


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