Hyderabaadi Chicken


750Grams Chicken
150Gram Curd
3-4tbs. Coconut Powder
2tbs. Peeli Sarso
Salt to taste
2-3 Green Elaichi
1 Moti Elaichi
1 Tej Patta
1/2tsp. Dalchini Powder
1/2tsp. Garam masala
1tsp. Lal mirch
2tsp. Chicken Masala
1tsp. Dhaniya powder
1tsp. Jeera Powder
2tbp. Desi Ghee
1tsp. Kassuri methi
Hara dhaniya

First you have to clean chicken and wash it apply some cuts and keep aside

Now heat nonstick pan and roast peeli sarso ke dane for just 3mins and remove it from flame now make a paste with coconut powder, roasted peeli sarso and a litle bit water and keep aside

1. Heat some ghee in a pressure cooker add tej patta, green elaichi, black elaichi, dalchini powder and saute them untill they cracks and add coconut and peeli sarso paste and saute them for 3mins

2. Add  curd and spices –salt, lal mirch, dhaniya powder and chicken masala mix it all well cook it on low flame for 3mins.

3. Now add chicken and mix it all well and cover it and let it be cook on low flame for alteast 7-10mins cook it on low flame untill oil separates.

4. Then add jeera powder and mix it all well.

5. Now crush some kassuri methi and add water for gravy as per your requirement and cover it and cook it on low flame for another 7-10mins add hara dhaniya and garam masala.

serve hot.

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