250 Grams Poha
1 Green Chilli
1 Medium Onion (Chopped)
1 Tomato (Chopped)
Hara Dhaniya
3-4 Curry Leafs
1tsp. Mustad Seeds
Salt to taste
1tsp. Red chilli powder
1tsp. Dhaniya powder
1tsp. Haldi
1/2tsp. Garam masala
1tsp. Lemon Juice

Tomato Sauce
Hara Dhaniya
Fried Curry Leafs
Navratan Mixture Or Aloo Bhujia
1 Slice of Lemon

1. Take a nonstick pan heat some oil add mustad seed and curry leafs saute them and when cracks add onions and green chilli.

2. Saute the onions untill they turn nicely  golden brown u can add 1/2tsp of salt so that onions took less time to get golden brown.

3. Take a bowl add poha soak in a water for just 2-3 mins and drain all the water from poha.

4. Add tomatoes in golden brown onions mix all well then add spices – salt, haldi, red chilli powder, dhaniya powder, garam masala and lemon juice mix all well and cook it on low flame for 3-4mins only.

5. Add hara dhaniya and mix all well serve hot with a cup of coffee or tea whatever u like 😀

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