Spring Hasselback Potatoes




Simple And Easy Baked Potatoes
2. Potatoes (Cut In A Spring Shape)
1 Cube Amul Cheese
1tsp. Oil
1tsp. Oregano Masala
1tsp. Salt
1tsp. Red Chilli Powder
2. Kebab Sticks(15min. Soaked in water)



1. Wash raw potatoes very well. Insert kebab sticks in a center of potato and with the help of knife cut potato from the left to right in a spring shape.


2. Marinate it Add Salt, red chilli powder and oil.

3. Preheat Microwave for 2 – 3mins.


4. Now shift potatoes in a reck and put it in a microwave and bake it on 450.Degree in Microwave+Grill Mode for 8mins.


5. Now check the potatoes and grate 70% of amul cheese and again bake it for 5mins.


6. Now shift in serving plate and grate rest of the amul cheese and sprinkle oregano thats it


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  1. Ruchi says:

    My microwave do not have the microwave + grill combination. I also have an OTG. So how should I proceed with the cooking of potatoes??

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    1. dilsefoodie says:

      Ruchi u can bake this normally in a microwave dish


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