Chur Chur Butter Paratha



Its raining here and i was thinking to make something different i made atte wale masaledar aloo with Chur Chur Butter Paratha in Kadai 😍 it was awsome crispy yummmyy must try.

Normal flour dough (you can use Maida dough also)
Some Butter
1tsp Oil
Salt to taste

1. Take a small ball of dough and make layered paratha add salt also.


2. Preheat your kadai on high flame for 3mins and switch to low flame for 2mins.


3. Apply upper side Oil and lower side water and then put it in a hot kadai lower side (water side down) cook it for 2-3mins on low flame or untill bubbles comes out then turn kadai to the direct flame and cook it on medium flame untill paratha cooked well from all sides.


4. Now again turn kadai and cook it on low flame for 3mins from the lower side of paratha.

5. Thats it carefully pull ur paratha with the help of fork.

6. Apply some butter and crushed with ur both hands thats it


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Thangam says:

    Really good


  2. Linda Fernandes says:

    Woooooow interesting


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