Molten Choco Berry Cake By Kriti Singhal

Recipe By Kriti Singhal


Molten Choco Berry Cake
Molten Choco-Berry cake full of scrumptious home-made molten chocolate ganache and loads of fresh strawberries!

Serves: 2
Preparation time: 20 mins
Baking time: 75 mins

· 1 cup All Purpose Flour
· 1 tsp baking soda
· 1 tsp baking powder
· 1 cup dark choco-chips
· 1 cup cocoa powder
· 1/2 cup icing sugar
· 1/2 cup powdered sugar
· 50 gms butter
· 2 tbsp milk
· 1 egg – ( white and yolk separated)
· 2 tbsp Coke or any juice for feeding the cake

For dressing
· 4 cups Chocolate Ganache ( Homemade)
· 1/2 Dark chocolate slab, 4 cups heavy cream, 2 tbsp. unsalted butter.
· Fresh strawberries
1. Sift APF, Baking soda, Baking powder and salt together for 4-5 times. Keep it aside.
2. Put your oven for preheating at 180 degrees.
3. Beat butter and icing sugar together till light and smooth.
4. Add egg yolk and keep beating lightly.
5. If the mixture is bit thick, add 1 tbsp. milk first and mix it lightly.
6. Now add the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients.
7. Mix well. If the batter seems too thick, add rest of the milk. ( 1 tbsp.)
8. Now beat the egg white till soft peaks are formed. Add powdered sugar and keep beating till glossy hard peaks are formed.
9. Mix it immediately into the cake mixture. Add Choco chips.
10. Grease your Bundt cake mould well with butter or olive oil.
11. Put the mixture into it and spread it evenly all around.
12. Bang the mould lightly on the slab to release any trapped air bubbles.
13. Now put it in oven and bake for 50 mins at 180 degrees.
14. Do the toothpick test and if required, do continue baking till the toothpick comes out clean. But cover the top with aluminum foil to avoid burning of the cake. 🙂
15. Your Bundt cake is ready.
Let is cool down completely before de-molding it.
For Chocolate Ganache –
· Heat butter in a heavy bottomed pan.
· Add Riches cream and let it simmer on low for 2 mins.
· Once it starts heating, add grated dark chocolate.
· Mix it lightly for a minute. Maintain the thickness of the ganache as required.
· Chocolate Ganache is ready!

For dressing –
· Cool the cake for almost 6 hours.
· Post that, start pouring ganache all over so that it can flow through the slides just like molten lava.
· Fill the center with the ganache too. Oh my gosh so much chocolate all over! 😀
· Now wash and dry the strawberries. Dip and arrange them all over the center.
· Drizzle some fresh ganache on strawberries too.
Your beautiful awesome Molten Choco-Berry cake is ready! 🙂

Few tips and tricks

Please note:

1. Baking temp. Completely depends on your brand of oven. I have Samsung Microwave and I bake on convection mode. For you, I would suggest to do certain permutations and combinations to decide the best temperature for your bakes. 🙂

2. Also, one very strict rule which everyone should follow while baking is, for the first half of the bake (i.e. if you have set your baking time for 50 mins, till 25 mins), don’t even try to open the oven and check the cake. Even the microseconds of opening and closing the oven door changes the temp inside and may hamper your cake.


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